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Annette Thijs

Thijs voor Taal helps you to communicate easily and clearly in the Dutch language

for a firm step forward in your career.

Dutch language training

Improve your style in both writing and speaking

It is essential to understand other people and the texts you read and to make yourself clearly understood in the language of the country you live or work in. Whether you are a starter in the Dutch language or you are an educated professional from abroad, Thijs voor Taal will give you the improvement you need in communicating at your own level.

I offer you my skills in teaching groups as well as individuals how to speak and write in correct sentences and clear texts.

Who can benefit from language training?

* businesses that want to invest in their valued workers whose language skills are insufficient;

* professionals from abroad who have to write texts, whether a simple email or a complicated report;

* immigrants who realise they need to master the Dutch language to be able to participate in Dutch society;

* Dutch or non-Dutch students whose language skills are not up to scratch;

* Dutch or non-Dutch individuals who want to improve their Dutch communication skills.

What are the possibilities?

You can choose either an individual training or training in a group.

The lessons can be held at your location of choice. For advanced learners they can even be partially given by telephone. This will save both time and money.

What will you learn?

Your language training programme depends on:

* your current level of Dutch;

* the level at which you want to master the language, and

* what you want to learn about:

After a simple intake you will receive an offer for your course. Usually you can make a start within two weeks.

Are you interested?

Please leave your message if you would like to receive information on the Dutch language training.

I will call or email you.